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Standing in the darkness waiting for the light
The smell of pure adrenaline burning in the night

Take The Time
from Images and Words (1992)

Mike Portnoy said the following about Take The Time: "We decided to write a song about everything we'd been going through for the past three years - looking for a new singer, a new label & new management - just all the changes we made & all the frustrations we went through... but, have it coming from each of our four different perspectives. So, we broke it up, and said 'Okay, you take the 1st verse, you take the 2nd verse,' went away, wrote lyrics about our feelings about all the stuff we were going through, and then put it together. Then [we] wrote the chorus together. That was the 1st time we had ever done that, and it's the only song on the album where the lyrics were actually written by everybody."

The working title for this song was "Grab That Feel."

Music by Dream Theater
Lyrics by Dream Theater

Take The Time Appears on: The ATCO Demos, Taste The Memories, Images and Words, Images and Words Live in Tokyo, Once in a Livetime, The Silent Man, Through Her Eyes, Greatest Hit (...And 21 Other Pretty Cool Songs)


Take The Time
Author: Piotr Traczyk
Type: Guitar

Take The Time
Author: BINMAN
Type: Bass

Take The Time
Author: Dean Christesen
Type: Drums


Just let me catch my breath...
I've heard the promises
I've seen the mistakes
I've had my fair share of tough
I need a new voice, a new law,
a new way
Take the time, reevaluate
It's time to pick up the pieces,
Go back to square one
I think it's time for a change

There is something that I feel
To be something that is real
I feel the heat within my mind
And craft new changes with
my eyes
Giving freely wandering
A place with decisions I'll
I won't waste another breath

You can feel the waves coming on
(It's time to take the time)
Let them destroy you or carry
you on
(It's time to take the time)
You're fighting the weight of
the world
But no one can save you this
Close your eyes
You can find all you need in
your mind

The unbroken spirit
Obscured and disquiet
Finds clearness this trial
And at the end of this day sighs
an anxious relief
For the fortune lies still in his

If there's pensive fear, a
wasted year
A man must learn to cope
If his obsession's real,
Suppression that he feels must
turn to hope

Life is no more assuring than
(It's time to take the time)
There are no answers from
voices above
(It's time to take the time)
You're fighting the weight of
the world
And no one can save you this
Close your eyes
You can find all you need in
your mind

I close my eyes
And feel the water rise around
Drown the bead of time
Let my senses fall away
I can see much clearer now,
I'm blind

Find all you need in your mind
If you take the time
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