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1. Octavarium
2. A Change of Seasons
3. Metropolis Pt. 1
4. Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence
5. In The Presence Of Enemies

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Walking through winter streets alone
He stops and take a breath

Hong Kong, Hong Kong - HITEC Exhibition Hall (1/23/2006)

In the Name of God outro (intro tape)
1. The Root Of All Evil
2. A Fortune in Lies
3. Under A Glass Moon
4. Lie
5. Peruvian Skies
6. Strange Deja Vu
7. Through My Words / Fatal Tragedy
8. Solitary Shell
9. As I Am
10. Endless Sacrifice
11. I Walk Beside You
12. Panic Attack
13. Octavarium
14. The Spirit Carries On
15. Pull Me Under / Metropolis Pt. 1

- James LaBrie / vocals
- John Petrucci / guitar
- John Myung / bass
- Jordan Rudess / keyboard
- Mike Portnoy / drums, percussion

Due to the venue being an exhibition hall, the traditional two-set show format was abandoned.

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