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John Petrucci - Gigantour Chat Room Session (8/8/2005)

Event Chat #14 with Dream Theater guitarist, John Petrucci
7:00PM - 7:30PM EDT, August 8

Catmanbob <Q>John, in your time at Berklee, could you elaborate on what courses you took, and maybe give some words of advice to someone aspiring to go to Berklee?
Petrucci <A>Ear training, sight reading, chord study, jazz harmony. Work out of the Berkley publications to prepare.

prla <Q>Hi John and thanks for bringing a tear to my eye with those extended solos in Hollow Years. My question is, speaking of solos, what is your favourite DT song/solo/lick to play?
Petrucci <A>Lately I love playing Endless Sacrifice.

prla <Q>I saw you guys at Graspop, Belgium, this year and I was stunned not only by the music, as always, but also by your black/orange Harley worker shirt, it was just too cool! What's my best bet to get hold of one of those myself?!
Petrucci <A>I bought that shirt at the Harley store in Paris. Check online.

linho <Q>Hi John, greetings from Portugal. What do you prefer to do in a live show: play a mellow/prog song like voices, or a killer heavy song like As I Am?
Petrucci <A>I prefer to play the heavy songs.

cheesus <Q>John, where have you bought all your clothes for this tour? They're so metal.
Petrucci <A>My secret!

prla <Q>How is the backstage environment among guitarrists at Gigantour? I'm sure you're all friendly towards each other but doesn't having Petrucci, Mustaine, Loomis and Romeo playing the same gig put some friendly "competition" in the air?
Petrucci <A>It's great being around such wonderful players.

zedsdead <Q>Many people are wondering if you play a Baritone guitar or a Music Man Bass on Panic Attack and These Walls?
Petrucci <A>Yes, I do play a MusicMan Sillouette Bass on both those songs.

Chilean_Petrucci <Q>Hey John!! Greetings from Chile. I?m a 20 years old boy and a HUGE FAN of you and your whole career...I just really want to know if the rumours are true and if Dream Theater will play here in Chile this year because I?m Dying since a lot of years to see you!!!!!
Petrucci <A>We will be coming to South America in December.

renzdrummer <Q>John, I saw a picture of you from Gigantour in which you had a kick ass Quahog's most wanted shirt. Where did you get that from and are you a huge Family Guy fan like me?
Petrucci <A>Family Guy is one of the funniest shows ever.

Metropolis9 <Q>Hey John...Just wondering how difficult it is leaving some of the new songs this tour. I am sure you are real anxious to play Octavarium etc for everyone here. Is it hard leaving some of the new ones out for the fans?
Petrucci <A>I'm anxious to play all of the new ones but there is plenty more touring ahead.

DiosEol <Q>Hi John. Do you think that everyone who decides to master the guitar will achieve this by working hard, or that the "natural talent" plays a more important role in the evolution of a guitar player. Greetings from Colombia!
Petrucci <A>A combination of both.

shawnson <Q>Is there a new 6 and 7 string signature guitar in the works?
Petrucci <A>Yes, we're working on it now.

CptnFarrell <Q>If you ever plan on doing another solo album, (I love the one you have out already) would you consider incoperating vocals, or just stick to guitar riffs/solos. I've always liked your backing vocals, thats why I ask
Petrucci <A>It would most likely be instrumental again.

shawnson <Q>Who was the most influencial band you listened to growing up?
Petrucci <A>Rush

ironmanjay2k <Q>JP, I was just wondering first off about how the adaptation form playing long "An evening with" shows to playing on a tour liek gigantour has been? Is it a relief to play shorter sets for a little while, or do you miss the full on assault of Dream Theater mania?
Petrucci <A>I prefer playing longer.

symphonyofnevermorex <Q>what do you think of Michael Romeo (Symphony X)?
Petrucci <A>He's great!!!!

KillEmAll83 <Q>As a guitarist beginning the art of soloing, what exercises do you suggest I should do on a regular basis?
Petrucci <A>Learn the names of the notes on the fretboard.

Clint_H. <Q>Hi John, it's cool to see you on here! My question is : What is the best advice you could give to an aspiring, young guitarist?
Petrucci <A>Practice, ask a lot of questions, write your own music, jam with whomever you can.

trialoftears25 <Q>How does it feel to have the last album ever recorded at the Hit Factory in NYC?
Petrucci <A>It's very sad that the studio is closed now. It was such a great place.

sellmyheartforstones <Q>hey john wat was your inspiration behind the as i am solo, and how did you go about writing it?
Petrucci <A>Shred Shred Shred!!!!!!

The_Missing_Shredder <Q>John, with your new EBMM model coming out, will it have a 24 fret option?
Petrucci <A>They'll all have 24 frets.

symphonyofnevermorex <Q>will you and symphony x ever do a tour together?
Petrucci <A>That would be fun.

cheesus <Q>What is your favourite Mike Portnoy drum kit?
Petrucci <A>I especially like the Bonham kit. <Q>i from Holland, John !! Looks like you guys really have fun on this you have enough energy left for another long tour to come ? Thanks, Caroline
Petrucci <A>Thanks! We are having fun. We're looking forward to all the shows this year. Don't worry!

ManWithDaPlan <Q>John, do you play classical guitar? If so, what type of classical guitar do you play?
Petrucci <A>I've played a little classical but have never taken formal lessons. I would love to one day.

cheesus <Q>What lyrics are you most proud of?
Petrucci <A>The Great Debate, In the Name of God, I Walk Beside You.

shawnson <Q>Please tour with Rush! That'd be the most amazing concert conceivable by man!
Petrucci <A>That would be a dream come true!

robrxr <Q>John: how do you feel about Andy Timmons - I've recently started loving his stuff, and he really is virtuoso.
Petrucci <A>Andy is great!!!

Jenna <Q>Hello from Canada How is Gigantour going so far?
Petrucci <A>It's going great so far. I've met a lot of cool people. The shows have been really exciting every night. I look forward to more.

symphonyofnevermorex <Q>what part of long island were you born?
Petrucci <A>The cool part!

drewski <Q>What do you think of Nevermore's latest release "This Godless Endever" and what do you think of Jeff Loomis' playing?
Petrucci <A>I haven't hear the whole album yet. From what I've heard so far, Jeff shreds!

comforteagle <Q>Hey John, do you have any plans for a G3-esque or solo tour any time in the future?
Petrucci <A>No plans now but I would love to play some live shows in support of Suspended Animation in the future.

caskof43 <Q>Hello John, I would just like to say thanks to you and the boys of Dream Theater for the music! My wife, my 5 year old son and myself love Dream Theater! We wish you guys the best in all you do! Thanks so much!
Petrucci <A>Thank you! Thanks to everyone who have come out to Gigantour! This chat has been a blast! I appreciate your questions and I hope to see you soon!
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