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Jordan Rudess - Gigantour Chat Room Session (8/5/2005)

Event Chat #12 with Dream Theater keyboardist, Jordan Rudess
6:00PM - 7:00PM EDT, August 5

HomerSimpson <Q>Jordan, incredible job on the new album. When you guys play Octavarium live, will you be playing the intro on a lap steel?
Rudess <A>I will absolutely be playing the lap steel live. I will also be playing a new instrument called the Continuum which I played on Octavarium

edlauer <Q>hello Jordan!! How you doing?? Man, I wanna know if all the music that all of you composed for Octavarium was used for the album!! Is there a song that wasn't released??
Rudess <A>I always compose more music then we actually end up using. Somebodys my classical or jazz influences go a little bit further then what Dream Theater really wants to do as a whole!!

prla <Q>How do you cope both physically and mentally with the huge DT tour schedule, with shows almost every night not to mention all the An Evening With type gigs?
Rudess <A>Drugs
Rudess <A>I'm KIDDING!!!
Rudess <A>Lots of stretching, walks and as much air as possible is the REAL answer

prla <Q>Before you joined DT or had any contact with the band whatsoever, if you already knew them and their sound, what was your favourite DT album? And is it the same still today?
Rudess <A>When DT called me I had no idea who they were. A friend brought over their Images and Words album and Ithought is was a cool mix of prog/metal and virtoustics!

Farren <Q>What'd you use for the guitar sounds on Cemetery Gates in Dallas? a VST or the oasys?
Rudess <A>I used my Oasys. I created an acoustic sound mixed with piano and also a back up crunch sound on it!

Ty1020 <Q>I've been wondering for a while now: what's up with the fish you had on the side of your keyboard on Live at Budokan?
Rudess <A>A tribute to all the amazing sushi we eat while on tour in Japan!

pelahi <Q>What do the people from the classical part of your life (old teachers, old classmates other musicians you meet, etc) think about you playing heavy metal?
Rudess <A>I'msure my old Juilliard teacher is rolling around in her grave!!
Rudess <A>Most other musicians though are very impressed that I make a decent living playing music!~

yzf600 <Q>Do you ever suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome?
Rudess <A>I am very careful to keep my arms and hands relaxed. Some of you might notice that I shake out my hands a lot. THe last thing I need is to have hand problems.

mlunapiena01 <Q>How did you discover the continuum?
Rudess <A>I had been working with anengineer friend of mine from Korea and technical guru Richard Lainhart on some ideas for a fretless keyboard. In the middle of our talks and work Richard discovered this instruemtn in Keyboard magazine and pointed me in that direction. It is an awesome completely new type of controller. Took a bit of timeto get used to!

he-wolf <Q>who do you like hanging out with on the gigantour? what is michael pinella like?
Rudess <A>It takes time to meet the people here because we are all on separate buses and in our own worlds. Slowly but surely we are hanging out more. It was fun to have Dave join us the other night on stage in Dallas

edlauer <Q>Hello Jordan!! I heard that DT are planning to tour in South America this time. Is that true??
Rudess <A>Yes we are coming in December

InFlames235 <Q>what's the most embarassing moment you've had on stage with Dream Theater?
Rudess <A>I hate embarassing moments on stage. THe other night I went to start a song all by myself and the keyboard did not make a sound. THis happened of course in front of THOUSANDS of people. You have to really learn to let go of stuff when you are in this business. Otherwise you can go crazy!

pelahi <Q>What music have you been listening to recently?
Rudess <A>I listen to a lot of DT while on tour just to keep all the muysic fresh in my mind since there are SO MANY notes. Other than that- I have been really enjoying the new Coldplay album X and Y and also I have been listening to Keane again.

he-wolf <Q>what was the last album you bought?
Rudess <A>I have been checking out Jethro Tulls OLD video footage.

metalsanchez <Q>Any plans on coming to Mexico? (Monterrey)
Rudess <A>We will certainly get there at some popint on the world tour although at this moment I am not sure when. Stay tuned to

FatalDreams <Q>Jordan, greetings from Israel! My question is: are you using Muse's Receptor gizmo thing when you play now?
Rudess <A>I mostly used the Muse Receptor in the studio. I use it for a few choice hard to recreate things live though

he-wolf <Q>who are your favourite prog bands?
Rudess <A>I really like Porcupine Tree- Radiohead- Muse- SUper FUrry animals. Although some of those might not be what you consider progressive. I also really dig electronic music like Autechre or Aphex Twin

Worlyn_s_Tales <Q>It's me again! I'd like to know when all your ideas started to come for the last album! I mean... there's so many things on the disc booklet and on the songs that just are awesome! When did you guys tought about the concept of the octave for your 8th album?
Rudess <A>I always walk around with a lot of musical ideas and I do alot of improvising. The trick is to be at a keyboard when the ideas flow and capture them. Ihad one really intense burst of creativity when a lot of the idea for the title track happened. Luckily I was at my digital piano in my living room and had my portable mini disc player with me!

DavMegadeth <Q>How is the relationship with Dave Mustiane and Megadeth, while is different type of style..
Rudess <A>THe relationship is fine. We are all getting to know each other more on this long tour!

prla <Q>Do you or any of the other guys actually join Mike in the tourbus watching DVDs or is he really a lonely cinematic soul?
Rudess <A>I do ALL my television movie watching on the road with Dream Theater. I depend on Mike to educate me with the whole movie TV world.
Otherwise I would just be programming synthesizers or hanging out with the family

pelahi <Q>When you tour with younger bands, do you ever think things like, 'I was already tearing it up when these whippersnappers were still in diapers'?
Rudess <A>no that is not my way of thinking. I just really like to encourage younger players to be very serious and practice hard man. It is all about the way you apply yourself to your craft that makes all the difference.

yzf600 <Q>Was Pink Floyd's "Shine on you Crazy Diamond " an infulence in the intro to Octavarium?
Rudess <A>Who is Pink Floyd???
Rudess <A>KIDDING!!!!

prla <Q>Is the Octavarium World Tour not closed yet? Will there be even more dates added and if so, could more concerts in Europe (Portugal, Spain, Paris...) still be a possibility for this tour in 2006?
Rudess <A>Stay tuned for more tour dates.

HomerSimpson <Q>So far, what Octavarium track have you enjoyed playing the most on tour?
Rudess <A>We have been playing a lot of "Panic Attack" and that is a good thing because it is kind of difficult and the practice is good!

pititafl <Q>Do you and Petrucci plan to record another album together?
Rudess <A>It would be great and if we have time in our CRAZY lives we will!
Rudess <A>....Thank you all so much for your support andall the cool questions. I gotta go get ready to PLAY!!!
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