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James LaBrie - Gigantour Chat Room Session (7/30/2005)

Event Chat #9 with Dream Theater vocalist, James LaBrie
6:00PM - 7:00PM MDT, July 30

MegaDTSXPlayer <Q>James, do you plan on making any other solo albums in the near future?
LaBrie <A>yES i AM currently working on the songs during the world tour and hope to have it out sometime 2006

cheesus <Q>Hello James from a fellow Canadian!
LaBrie <A>Hello fellow Canuck

cheesus <Q>James, what would you say is your favourite Dream Theater song to perform live, and your favourite Dream Theater song to listen to?
LaBrie <A>Voices,learning to live and Spirit Carries On our my favorite although if you asked me this same question tomorrow I might answer different

cheesus <Q>James, what would you say is your favourite Dream Theater song to perform live, and your favourite Dream Theater song to listen to?
LaBrie <A>right now I would say I am listening to Never Enough and it moves me.

Ultradeth <Q>do you or any other members of Dream Theater like OPETH, and would you ever consider touring with them? You did some bad ass vocals on Ayreon's "Human Equation", Devin Townsend and Mikael Akerfeldt were both on that album too, did you meet them, and did you get along with them?
LaBrie <A>I would love to tour with Opeth. Mikael has a great voice and he should just how versatile a singer he can be. Maybe the future will eventually bring us together. Would be very cool.

prla <Q>As much as I love your stuff with Dream Theater, I confess I have a soft spot for your interpretation as "Me" in Ayreon's The Human Equation. How was it working alongside Arjen, Mikael Akerfeldt and the others and would you do it again?
LaBrie <A>Arjen was an absolute delight to work with. He is a very gracious and kind human being. On top of all of this he is incerdibly talented. I had a great time and it was a treasured experience to say the least.

HybridMoose <Q>Hey Mr. LaBrie, do you know how much variation we can expect in the set lists?
LaBrie <A>The setlist will vary as it has throughout the years. Mike is consciously aware of what we played last time through any particular city and he is intent on giving our fans something different to experience each and every concert.

pelahi <Q>Hi James. Thanks for taking the time to chat with us. A lot of the bands on Gigantour are really heavy, and I was wondering how the fans are reacting to Dream Theater.
LaBrie <A>We of course are playing our heavier styled songs and the fans of the other bands have been completely into us. I can assure you when we are nearing the end of the set each night we have everyone's attention. The tour is really bringing a lot of new fans to DT's world.

MegaDTSXPlayer <Q>Elements of Persuassion kicks ass. Just thought I'd tell you that :)
LaBrie <A>Thank you. Wait until you hear the next one. I will not disappoint

comforteagle<Q>hey James! huge fan, cant wait for Jones Beach...any chance of you working with Henning Pauly again in the future?
LaBrie <A>Henning and I are in contact with one another from time to time. We have left that door open as to the possibility of working on another album together. When that could happen is another story. I am very busy with DT.and trying to put together material for the next solo disc. Will let you know when it is going to happen

prla <Q>Dream Theater has a *huge* tour schedule, spanning nearly the entire globe for months no end and let's not even mention the consecutive "Evening With" type shows. While that's awesome for your fan base, just how demanding is it for you?
LaBrie <A>it is very demanding. I have to make sure I get plenty of rest, jog 3 miles a day and eat healthy. If I keep up with the routine religiously as well as vocalese each day I will allow myself to be 100% each and everynight. If I get sick that could compromise my performance so I try and stay on top of everything at all times.

Jenna <Q>Hi James! How is Gigantour going so far?
LaBrie <A>Gingantour is going fabulous and everyone seems to be having a great time.

basschic <Q>how does being on tour with megadeth feel james?
LaBrie <A>Dave and company have been very cool. Dave really respects DT and has said to me he is psyched we are finally touring together.

cheesus <Q>What was it like being involved in the writing of Octavarium (the song), having 3 lyricists and all? Did you find it awkward?
LaBrie <A>I never find it akward. We go our seperate ways while penning lyrics and we always manage to accomplish our goal. Writing the albums as a team has really brought us to a whole new level and we all feel the better for it.

cheesus <Q>Has the turn out so far been mostly a Megadeth crowd? Mostly Dream Theater? Or an even mix of people looking for new music?
LaBrie <A>So far I would say it is 50/50. Festivals are all about playing for your established fan base and attracting new ones. We are definitely accomplishing both

pelahi <Q>The members of Dream Theater are older and arguably wiser and more talented than the members of a lot of the other bands on this you guys ever think of any of these bands (or other bands you've played with) as just being a bunch of punk kids or something. :) (No need to name names by the way.)
LaBrie <A>We never look down on other bands, especially while touring with them. Whether we like them or not we keep to ourselves or within our dressing rooms

cheesus <Q>Here is an odd question.. What is your personal LEAST favourite Dream Theater song?
LaBrie <A>New Millenium

Evicerator <Q>How do you feel about how DT fits in with the bill on Gigantour...? I know personally you have turned alot of heads that have not previously been exposed to you guys...
LaBrie <A>I think we fit perfectly, as I said earlier we are of course playing our heavier songs so we blend in to the musical environment quite well.

TheGlassPrison<Q>Hey james, huge respect for you guys being a musician, you never cease to amaze me live. I was just wondering, in a nutshell, what methods you guys approach when beginning to write a new album?
LaBrie <A>Some of it might be preconcieved and some happens while there as a band in a more open jam like situation. Most though comes from either ideas from Jordan on keys or piano or John P. with riffs or sections and then the rest comes from just arrangements creating the complete and perfect songs.

SonicBrew <Q>James, how do you keep your voice in shape when you're not touring or in the studio? Can't wait to see you in Fort Wayne, by the way!
LaBrie <A>While off tour I sing about every second or third day. Just 30 minutes or so of vocal exercise or scales. Nothing intense, just keeping the voice in a good position is always key to staying in shape.

prla <Q>Have you heard Pipo & Elo's accoustic DT covers? If so, what are the bands' feeling towards those?
LaBrie <A>Some of it I like and some of it I don't . For the most part it is cool.

Labrie_is_awesome <Q>so James, what are you listening to right now?
LaBrie <A>I am currently listening to the new Coldplay, Dave Matthews, Dredge, Muse and a band called Ours. Check these guys out. The singer is like Bono on steroids.

DETHQUEEN <Q>Hi James! Were there any frontmen that you looked up to when you were growing up?
LaBrie <A>Freddie Mercury,Robert Plant, Steven Tyler, Bon Scott, Rob Halford and many others.

cheesus <Q>What would you consider your philosophy on life to be?
LaBrie <A>Never stop searching for the truth to our existence. It will bring you wisdom, peace and a sense of belonging.

jazzy_morgaine <Q>Do you have any plans of working again with John Macaluso in the future, or will you stick to Mike Mangini ?
LaBrie <A>I will stick with Mike Mangini. He is in my opinion second to none. I love his style and he never ceases to amaze me. He is also a terrific guy.

Sokrates <Q>Hi James! Greetings from Germany and congrats to your awesome solo album and the tour you did! Now the question: If you?d be able to choose a special band you could tour with, who would it be?
LaBrie <A>The ultimate would be touring with Rush. After that Metallica. Those bands are incredible with the loyalty of their fanbase and how much they put out at their shows.

asdoneDOC <Q>hi James, do you plan to make some kind of musical in a next future?You are so great to combine singing with interpretation and it would be fantastic! thank you for your time with us :D . Doc
LaBrie <A>I will at some point down the road seriously avail myself for doing Theatre or Broadway type shows. That is something I will do I just can't say when right now.

Mustaine_Rules <Q>James, I was just wondering how you felt about Kevin Moore and his departure from the band. Were you two particularly close and how did his leaving affect the band?
LaBrie <A>Kevin did what he had to. His heart was somewhere else and for him to stick around would have been the wrong thing. It was quite obvious Kevin wanted and needed to move on. We were very close and had mutual respect for one another. I have always considered Kevin a very talented and gifted musician.

comforteagle <Q>james, i always wondered...where do you guys go for the rest of the show? do you get to watch from the side or backstage or do you just miss out on everything?
LaBrie <A>Sometimes we watch the other bands and then we also hang with family and friends. Also, sometimes I just want to go and chill on the bus and get away from this scene. What ever my mood you just tend to enjoy the buzz.

Labrie_is_awesome <Q>hi James!!! what do you think your best moment on Octavarium(the album) is?
LaBrie <A>I think the title track allows me to express myself in almost every possible way vocally. I find that most challenging and sastisfying.

prla <Q>James, straight up: for an epic, A Change of Seasons or Octavarium?
LaBrie <A>That is way to hard to answer. I think right now I will go with Octavarium just because if feels so fresh.

basschic <Q>james,what would you say has been DT"s best performance so far on gigantour
LaBrie <A>So far I would have to say Tucson we are all warmed up and ready to keep it in high gear.... I have to go everyone but I did enjoy the questions and the chat. I would have loved to respond to everyone but I just don't have enough time. Do take care and looking forward to seeing you on tour. Now I must go warm up and kick some seriuos ass. Stay well and see you out there.
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