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Mike Portnoy - Gigantour Chat Room Session (7/24/2005)

Event Chat #6 with Dream Theater drummer, Mike Portnoy
4:30PM - 5:30PM PDT, July 24

Varvatos <Q>
Hi, Mike have you ever met any of your non-music Heros (movie directors for example) if not which one would you like to meet the most?
Portnoy <A>Hi Var, I've been very lucky to have met soooo many of my musical heros...but as you know I am a HUGE film fanatic and so many of my heros are directors...and I have NOT had the opportunity to meet many of them as I guess there aren't many progressive metal fans in the film industry! : (

Farren <Q>Will you ever work with John Arch again? Does he desire to release a full album?
Portnoy <A>I'd work with John anytime...he's a good friend and an amazing singer.

Farren <Q>Will you ever work with John Arch again? Does he desire to release a full album?
Portnoy <A>Jim Matheos and I have been trying to convince him to I have my fingers crossed!

Satriani <Q>Mike, Australia loves DT, I read on your forums that you're working on aussie tour dates, good luck with that, hope it works out mate.
Portnoy <A>We are hoping so as well....I did a drum clinic tour there in 96 but DT has never been there...we are DESPERATELY waiting patiently...I have been talking with Mustaine about going down together...we are both keeping our fingers crossed

Jenna <Q>Hi Mike How is the tour going so far?
Portnoy <A>Hi far, so good (so what!) - was that a pathetic answer or what? : )

Varvatos <Q>Why do you think is the main reason there is so much rivalry between SymX and DT fans?
Portnoy <A>I have no idea where that came from...hopefully having them out here with us on Gigantour will put an end to it...can't we all just get along? : )

EclipLeou <Q>Hi mike..... sup? hey a question can you tel us about your new kit..... differences bwetween it and the siamese monster??
Portnoy <A>I am LOVING the new kit so's kind of like having Neil Peart on the left and John Bonham on the right...with me in the middle! The biggest difference from the SM is the right side which is a completely different set-up and has been a lot of fun for me to dig into....

ultrachronic <Q>First concert?
Portnoy <A>that I went to? George Harrison in '73, Paul McCartney in '76 and Kiss in '77

spatter9999 <Q>I notice that the setlist keeps changing. Any chance of hearing "Under a Glass Moon" in Dallas?
Portnoy <A>I haven't written the Dallas set yet, but if we haven't played UAGM there on previous tours then that's how I would decide to include it...if we have indeed played it there recently, then I would likely not include it...I spend ALOT of time writing different sets for each show so the fans that have seen us on previous tours get as much of a new show as possible each time out

junebughed <Q>mike, i was wondering if you you can give up the info on what classic album you guys will be covering in amsterdam and london
Portnoy <A>I've already chosen it and we have begun the early stages of listening to and learning's gonna be AWESOME

Kraven <Q>have you met george lucas
Portnoy <A>No...but I was lucky enough to have been invited to Skywalker Ranch for a private tour by a few guys that worked there and were DT fans

The_Reckoning <Q>What is your favourite bands?
Portnoy <A>way too many to list...go to my site and check out the "Hero of the Day" section and you can see what I am currently listening to...(the latest entry is LAMB OF GOD)

TheWhisper <Q>Mike, can you give us some clues as to the guests on the new Neal Morse cd?
Portnoy <A>No...(but I do know who they are!) : )

XeRocks81 <Q>Hi Mike! Will the Hammer Of The Gods show be released in some way shape or form in 2005?
Portnoy <A>Yes I believe it will see a 2005 release...I have working on it while I can

EclipLeou <Q>Hey Mike!.. tell us about your relationship with the members of the other bands on Gigantour....
Portnoy <A>The only bands I knew (personally) in advance were Megadeth, Sym X and Raymond from Fear Factory. I've known Mustaine since DT and Megadeth played together in Brazil in '98...I'm looking foward to becoming friends with all the other bands on the far I've gotten to hang a little with some of the guys in DKL and LOA...but there's so many people backstage it's hard to know who's who!

RyanLGM <Q>Hi Mike. Do you plan on announcing who your "special guests" will be at the DrumPad on September 18th?
Portnoy <A>I'm still debating on whether or not to announce in in advance or keep it a surprise until showday....I DO have the band confirmed and it's gonna be ALOT of fun

melodic777 <Q>Hey Mike, for the Evening with Dates, are you planning on playing at MSG again for the NY shows or is there something else in mind for Dream Theater?
Portnoy <A>Dont know which venue is next for us in much as LOVED playing the Theater at MSG, I'd love to finally play Radio City...we'll see....the US Evening With tour will likely be in Feb/March

Droogie <Q>You say you are a huge film fan. When on tour, do you ever go to another bands bus, or invite some other band to your bus to watch films and stuff, instead of the usual we hear from rock stars?
Portnoy <A>I usually prefer watching films by myself as my taste can be very bizarre and most people would think I'm a freak if they watched some of these films with me...for instance, last night in my bunk I watched a REALLY strange
Chinese film called "The Untold Story"

zdt <Q>Hi Mike, You have been a huge inspiration to me. 47 days sober for me, thanks for helping me find a new beginning. My question to you is what you plan to do after the 2005/6 tour is over?
Portnoy <A>Congrats you now know with 47 days sober (I have 5 years) I need to take it "one day at a time" I'll deal with the end of the tour when we get there! : )

dermie <Q>Hey Mike, Any big plans for the 20th anniversary of Dream Theater this year?
Portnoy <A>Once the "Evening with" shows begin in the fall, we will begin to celebrate the 20th anniversary....maybe pull out some really obscure songs to celebrate

FatalTragedy <Q>Are there any plans to release a single from "Octavarium"?
Portnoy <A>That is in the hands of Atlantic Records...I think "I Walk Beside You" would be a great single...

Spaz <Q>Is there any tougts about third Transatlantic? Please say 'yes' ? HUGE please. HUGE.
Portnoy <A>I would love to do another TA album &/or tour....

bolas <Q>Do you expect this tour to be more grueling than usual with all the back-to-back dates and the travel involved?
Portnoy <A>Yes it will be grueling...but I think it will be harder on our crew than us. For us, it's a little easier as it is 90 minute set vs. the usual 3 hr marathons we do

tamadrummer <Q>Mike, With the building of your new kit, did Tama create a process for building acrylic kits in support of you alone or do you believe that this market has not been approaced by Tama yet, but will be something that we can look forward to from Tama? Also to go with this, is the HOTG kit safe and sound at home in the drum village or was it painted white for the new albino monster?
Portnoy <A>Tama only made the acrylic kit for my HOTG show to look like an authentic Bonzo kit. (which is at home in my drum room/museum)...when it came time to develop the Albino Monster, the drums were Starclassic Maple shells

Farren <Q>Do you think Gigantour should've included more prog?
Portnoy <A>I personally would've liked one or two more bands with a proggier edge (Pain of Salvation or even a band like Voi Vod), but at the end of the day this is Dave's party and I think he did assemble a great lineup of diverse metal bands. It was important to me to have Sym X on board though so DT weren't the ONLY band with keyboards and a singer with a high range

Eggman <Q>Hey mike. On the Live at Budokan DVD, you mentioned that you've had some issues with tendonitis. Has it
gotten any better, or worse?
Portnoy <A>It's been OK so far this summer...I try to get regular massages before the shows whenever possible

chris_progressive <Q>hey mike would you want to act in a movie???
Portnoy <A>Not interested in acting, but would LOVE to direct

TamaDT <Q>will you do a clinic in holland in october?
Portnoy <A>I've been on a bit of a clinic "hiatis" for the past few years...I'm more interested in playing with other musicians than playing solo at the moment (like my Drum Pad appearance in Sept)

firelord <Q>Whats your opinion on the new wave of bands such as Shadfows Fall and Lamb of God?
Portnoy <A>I love both SF and LOG. As I mentioned earlier, LOG are my current "Heros of the Day" on also currently really dig Mastodon.

chris_progressive <Q>hey mike,have you ever thought in creating a new signature drum or cymbal?
Portnoy <A>Well I do already have signature snares from Tama and signature cymbals from Sabian. My new Albino Monster has new finishes on my snares and some new prototype cymbals on the smaller kit....I dont know if Tama or
Sabian have any plans to make either of them available to the public...

DillingerFearTheater <Q>What kind of drumheads are you currently using? What have you added to your new setup?
Portnoy <A>I've always played Remo. Emperors on the big side of the kit and for the first time in a LONG time, Black Dots on the small side

Rattail <Q>I have heard that Octavarium is the last album on Atlantic. Do you plan to resign to the label, or search for a new one?
Portnoy <A>Still too soon to tell....Atlantic will need to prove themseleves a bit if they want us to stay...

DillingerFearTheater <Q>Who would you like to tour with after Gigantour and "An evening with..." tours are done?
Portnoy <A>We've been very lucky to have toured the past 3 or 4 summers with most of the bands we've wanted to tour with: Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Yes, Queensryche, Satriani, etc. At this point, all that's really left on our "wish list" would be Rush and Metallica

Gaspy_Conana <Q>Hey Mike, do you guys plan on playing Octavarium (the song) live anytime soon? Tis a masterpiece.
Portnoy <A>Yes for sure...but not until we start our Evening With shows in the fall

Replo <Q>Hey Mike... If Megadeth would be interested on playing a song with you in the drums, which MEGADETH'S song would you like to play with them ?
Portnoy <A>I love Holy Wars. In fact, that song was a bit of a model for The Glass Prison in terms of arrangement....I probably could play anything off the first 3 Megadeth albums right now off the top of my head...I just need Dave or Shawn to invite me up!

IronMaidenChic <Q>Since you like films, is there any specific film genre you prefer to watch? Or are you basically open to all genres?
Portnoy <A>I love independant films and foreign films....

IronMaidenChic <Q>Since I am a guitar player, i want to know, whats it like playing with John Petrucci? Is he a cool guy?
Portnoy <A>John is so amazing...there's a reason we're still together after 20 years!

DreamTheater <Q>is there a chance of an OSI 2 happening in the future?
Portnoy <A>I believe Jim and Kevin are working on OSI2, but I have passed on participating

HLC <Q>Gday Mike, whats the best/nicest drum kit that you've ever played?
Portnoy <A>mine of course! : )

chris_progressive <Q>have you ever toured with terry bozzio or frank zappa?if not would you like to?
Portnoy <A>Frank is my all-time hero...I never had the pleasure of meeting him. I have done several clinics with Terry (and will be doing another one in September) - he is a favorite of mine as well.....Hey gang, I got to run! Thanks for coming to the chat and look foward to seeing you on the road!
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