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1. Octavarium
2. A Change of Seasons
3. Metropolis Pt. 1
4. Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence
5. In The Presence Of Enemies

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Under the sun, there is nothing to hide
Under the moon, the stranger waits inside

Train of Thought
November 11, 2003
Studio Release

This is Dream Theater's seventh studio album. This album is noticeably heavier than Dream Theater's previous albums and was not as well received into the progressive music community. Nevertheless, Train of Thought still has excellent music on it, most notably track 6, Stream Of Consciousness.

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1. As I Am (7:47)
2. This Dying Soul (11:27)
      iv. Reflections of Reality (Revisited)
      v. Release
3. Endless Sacrifice (11:24)
4. Honor Thy Father (10:24)
5. Vacant (2:57)
6. Stream Of Consciousness (11:16)
7. In The Name Of God (14:14)

Total Time: 68:19

- James LaBrie / vocals
- John Petrucci / guitar
- John Myung / bass
- Jordan Rudess / keyboard
- Mike Portnoy / drums, percussion

Recorded: March - April, 2003 - Cove City Sound Studios, New York
Label: Elektra Records

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