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1. Octavarium
2. A Change of Seasons
3. Metropolis Pt. 1
4. Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence
5. In The Presence Of Enemies

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"Lad did you know a girl was murdered here?"
"This fatal tragedy was talked about for years"

2 - The Jelly Jam
September 14, 2004
Side Project

The glory days of the great power trios are faithfully re-visited as Inside Out Music proudly submits the sophomore release by the mighty Jelly Jam. Jelly Jam features the almost other-worldly musical talents of Ty Tabor (King's X) on guitar and lead-vocals, John Myung (Dream Theater) on bass, and Rod Morgenstein (The Dixie Dregs) on Drums.

The (power) trio format gives these uniquely gifted musicians the freedom and space to stretch out and really show what they're capable of doing, but never at the expense of their listeners. Huge and catchy guitar riffs are driven by a thunderously, tight rhythm section within song structures that swing from surgical precision to free-form instrumental jams. Ty's vocal skills and knack for melody are also on display in abundance. The Jelly Jam will be playing showcase dates in support of the release (details TBD) This release will have direct appeal to the formidable fan bases of Dream Theater and King's X. (from

1. Not Today (3:22)
2. Coming Round (3:37)
3. Empty (5:24)
4. Drop The Gun (3:04)
5. Allison (5:32)
6. Maybe (4:45)
7. She Was Alone (4:34)
8. Angel Or Devil (4:50)
9. You Don't Need Me Anymore (2:40)
10. Runaway (3:15)
11. War Is... (3:27)
12. Message (0:36)

Total Time: 43:06

- John Myung / bass
- Ty Tabor / vocals, guitars
- Rod Morgenstein / drums

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